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If everything is relative, why can't I find one???

To the Gerbino Family,

Greetings from the Gerbine Family. We may be small
in number, but we are big in heart, and let me add
volume also. We have been on a crusade for at least
half a century to find at least one other Gerbine in
this world that can talk so we can hear his or her voice.
Not too much to ask is it??? I don't think so.
So the Question to you Good folks, "Could it be that
in some way we may be related to you'll"??? Has any-
one to your knowledge, in their research, came across
a Gerbine Family member that in someway was related to
Our Father, Peter Gerbine, came from Mersin, Turkey
to America around 1902. His Military records show that
he was a Subject of Turkey, but other records show that he was a Subject of Italy. Peter was born on Feb 22, 1887, but we are not sure where he was born.
If you can't help us find a relative, than at least
help us find a good bottle of wine. Then we can drink
to our heavy hearts that are full of much sorrow.

Thanks from the Gerbine Family
I am proudly
Joseph J. Gerbine Sr.