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Great news!!!
I sent Mike a letter to his home address on 3/31/05. I explained in a page that I was his daughter and I would like to be in contact. By 4/2/05 I had an email from him; and since then we have emailed back and forth with questions for eachother and are trying to get to know one another!

I am so estatic even though it's really early, but to have gotten this far is aready more than I expected.

Thank you so much Dolly, to you and your sister, and to your wonderful website. You gave me the inspiration to keep trying and the feeling that I am part of something big, the Gerbino Family!

Thank you again, and I will keep you updated!


I'm sure that I speak for all Gerbino Families when I say that we are so happy for your success, we wish you and your new relationship with your father the best of luck with lots of happy memories to come.
There are no thanks necessary, you did all the work and attained your goal!!! It's such a pleasure to be able to add another success story to our site!!!
God Bless you and yours,