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Michael Gerbino, Staten Island, NY

Hi Everyone,
I figured I'd post here and see if anyone could help me.

My name is Stephanie and I am looking for my father. His name is Michael Gerbino and he grew up on Staten Island. He has a sister named Diane, who was friends with my mother Sandy. Michael's childhood friend is my mother's cousin Dominic (Dom).

I'm not sure where exactly on the island he grew up. He would be about 40 now. He has dark hair (from what I've seen in a picture) and had a mustache April 1984. He was best man at Dom and Jane Servello's wedding. My mom believes he married his highschool sweetheart.

My family is not supportive in helping me find him, and I have very little to go on from my mother. I believe they are still in contact but will not speak to me on the topic. I'm not sure why. From a rumor I heard, his mother, my grandmother, had recently passed away.

I would like to find my father, and learn a little more about me. Of course I would not want to intrude in his life,or ruin what he has, but all I would want is one meeting for lunch. Just to meet him.

If anyone knows any Michaels who grew up on Staten Island, or anything I have mentioned above please contact me.

Thank you for your time,


I spoke to my mom and tried to get more info on Michael. It's hard for her because she didn't know him all to well and has a really bad memory to begin with.

He was born 1964-1965. His mom and dad were Sonny (nickname?) and Sonya. They live(ed) on 30 something Norway Ave, Staten Island NY 10305. He has a sister named Diane, and brother named John(Johnny). He dated Kim, who my mom said was his highschool sweetheart. Possibly married to her now.

Please please please, if anyone knows anything, contact me via email,
Thank you.

In Addition (good news)

After speaking with one family member today I gained a lot more information about Michael.

He's Married to Kim and has 3 children,
and a new baby girl

His dad was called Sonny. His mother Sonia did recently pass away this december. His brother John is the oldest then Diane then Michael. John is approx. 5 years older and Diane is 2 years older.

I have his Staten Island address.
He went to school at St. Johns for CPA for a while.
He worked at a company called Advance (sp?) doing shipping or such.

I have an address that I am going to try to get in touch with him and have found a phone number to try to contact him with off the web.

Wish me luck,


Great news!!!
I sent Mike a letter to his home address on 3/31/05. I explained in a page that I was his daughter and I would like to be in contact. By 4/2/05 I had an email from him; and since then we have emailed back and forth with questions for eachother and are trying to get to know one another!

I am so estatic even though it's really early, but to have gotten this far is aready more than I expected.

Thank you so much Dolly, to you and your sister, and to your wonderful website. You gave me the inspiration to keep trying and the feeling that I am part of something big, the Gerbino Family!

Thank you again, and I will keep you updated!


I'm sure that I speak for all Gerbino Families when I say that we are so happy for your success, we wish you and your new relationship with your father the best of luck with lots of happy memories to come.
There are no thanks necessary, you did all the work and attained your goal!!! It's such a pleasure to be able to add another success story to our site!!!
God Bless you and yours,