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Hal Turner's Big Band Recollections

Just to correct the record--

I don't know what Mr. Turner's relationship with my father, trumpet player
"Jimmy" Rosselli, was, but he was off the mark on several points:

1. My father was certainly not "connected."
2. He played out of both New York and California, and was a Connecticut
3. at the beginning of his career, he was certainly all over the Long
Island and Poconos circuit. The venue Mr. Turner cites was certainly not
the only "class room" my Dad played, nor was it the last, and he didn't
just drift away into an undistinguished career. He played the movie musicals,
played with Stravinsky in the NBC Orchestra, and with Benny Goodman, Lester
Lanin, Peter Duchin, Paul Whiteman, Guy Lombardo in both New York and San Francisco, you name it. He was considered one of the best sidemen in New York, and when he died of emphysema at age 72 he was still getting calls for work.

No offense to Mr. Turner, but I don't think he knew my Dad very well, for his recollection is far from accurate.


Fr. James Rosselli
St. Joseph of Arimathea Orthodox Church
La Porte IN