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BigBands & BigNames
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Big Ban info from the 1950s in MA

I have a picture of my Father in what I can only guess might have been some sorta amateur nights he was doing a impression of Jimmy Durante, at a Club which had a Big Band, which in the picture I see the name Nat Walsh.

Below is the pic i have(if you can't see it I also put a url link you can paste into any browser), it was so faded it was almost just a white blank sheet of paper, i ran it threw a photo software and fixed it pretty good i think. MY Dad is the one in the white suit with big Nose.I think it was taken in the 1950s or so it might be latter then that, he lived from the 50s and 60s in Massachusetts so I am guess that's were it was taken. I have no real info on the picture I am just guessing though. If anyone can help me out with some background/history on this "Nat Walsh" and his club thanks in advanced. (working on Family tree and wanted to include this in it)

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