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My father was William Joseph Knittle. He played with the Larry Funk Orchestra as a trombone player from 1932 on.....I saw your post on BigBands & BigNames about your great uncle who also played with him and obviously knew him and your grandmother who was married to Larry father would have known her.

All of the information I have about my dad's early years on the road was destroyed accidently years ago. I have only seen one picture of him during those years. I would love any information you may have about this orchestra...My dad was the first trombone player who hit high "G" above high "C" or vice a versa. An article was written about himand this achievement, but I have not been able to find it.

As a child my father used to play a recording of himself playing the trombone with the Larry Funk orchestra for us. It was a recording of one of their shows on the radio. He played "Sugar Blues" and made his trombone sound exactly like Clyde McCoy's version on the trumpet.

If anyone has any information on this orchestra I would love to see it.

Thanks do much in advance....

Sincerely, Susan