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Re: Frank Sinatra Questions

Basic Info:
Name - Craig
Age - 47

So here are the questions:

1. How long have you been studying/researhcing Frank Sinatra?

I've been interested in Sinatra for about 15 years now

2. What event in Sinatra's life do you believe to have put him on the map?

Landing the Job with Tommy Dorsey's Orchestra in the 1930's

3. What decade of Sinatra's career do you believe to be his most significant?

Tough one .... 1960's ... that great swing style.

4. When Rock&Roll first started, do you think Sinatra's career was threatened?

Certainly ... but you have to figure that all the parents who hated Rock&Roll rallied around old guard performers like Frank.

5. James Isaacs, in his interview with Michael Howell, said that Sinatra would not have been such a central figure of American culture "if he'd stayed strictly to music, no movies or musicals." Do you agree/disagree? Why/why not?

I agree.... It helps a lot to be "King of All Media" ... He was very funny on radio too... The victim of endless "skinny" jokes.

6. Sinatra was known for his scandalous relations with women, ranging from his first wife Nancy Barbatos to Ava Gardener to Marilyn Monroe - what do you have to say about this?

Sinatra was a charismatic and powerful figure. Women were drawn to him. Like a kid in a candy shop I suppose.

7. What are your beliefs on or what do you know about Sinatra's alleged connection to the Mafia?

All the nightclubs were run by mobsters back then.... but Sinatra had a particular fascination for the underworld. He was not officially IN the Mob ... but he was friendly with them and granted them favors (with performances)

8. What do you believe to have been Sinatra's most unique characteristic?

Pure Confidence

9. Do you have any extra interesting/quirky fun-facts about Ol' Blue Eyes?

Frank's cousin, Ray Sinatra, was a musical conductor and arranger for Perry Como

10. What do you believe to be Sinatra's legacy?

He's got the market cornered on sophisticated song styling ... "stepping out" music ... and he looked good in a hat. Few people look good in a fedora.

11. Finally, of all his 1,800 or so recordings, which do you believe to be his best?

Summer Wind