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Denny Farrell

January 5th, 2006
I direct this message to Denny Farrell
Mr Farrell, I live in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and I have had the great honor of being able to hear some of your broadcasts on radio station CHNR. I imagine you are aware of the fact that CHNR has been sold and they tell me that the new owners are not going to carry your broadcasts. This breaks my heart. I so looked forward to hearing your shows every Sunday night. Really this is going to really hurt a lot of people like myself.
Hey, this letter is not to tell you how much I am going to miss you and your show but to say I thank you so very much for the shows that I was able to hear and enjoy this past year. You are truly a pro at what you do and you have made this old guys life a lot better with the entertainment that you gave me.
Thanks Denny, GOD BLESS

Re: Denny Farrell

Hope all is good to the north in Canada. I also hope that you and your friends can join me at the 17th Annual Swing and Dixie Jazz Jamboree Oct 18-22 I'm hosting a week long Radio show covering all that great music, Live from the famious Sun Valley Lodge, in SunValley, sure to come up and say hello.
All the best,
Denny Farrell

Re: Re: Denny Farrell

Denny Farrell,
I heard a broadcast here in LA of you portraying the voice of the American Flag, how can I get a copy ?
Thank you,