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Re: The Axidentals

I have acquired a sheet of autographs that contains the signatures of Johnny Mathis; Ella Fitzgerald; The Kingston Trio, Dave guard, Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds among others. This sheet also contains an autograph as follows: "To Francis Its always a pleasure to come home and sing. Signed, Sandy Rogers "The Axidentals" and it is also signed below her signature by a Milt Chapman and also by Robert Sumners.

I do not yet know the venue nor date of the autographs, but I am researching to see if I can find out when and where it was done. One of the autographs refers to "Merry Christmas" so I assume that it was somewhre near Christmas but I do not know what year. I'm guessing it must have been in the late 50s.

I can scan the Axidentals autographs and e-mail to you if you'd like. If you can help me date this document, it would be much appreciated.

Richard King
Nashville, Tennessee

Re: Re: The Axidentals

Dear Mr. King,
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I am so happy to hear about your Axidentals autographs, and would love to have a scanned copy.

As to the "Merry Christmas", I believe that it probably referred to 1955(? - I'll check)when they were in New York playing at the Copa, and I have copies of telegrams from some stars and their record label congratulating them. I'd be happy to dig them out and send you copies, if you'd like, and/or research the matter further.

How did you find my inquiry/what is your interest, etc.?, if you wouldn't mind sharing.

Thank you so very much for contacting me. It will mean so much to my father and the book I am writing.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Rick Sumners