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Re: sammy kaye and 'the new look' song title

I emailed DJ Denny Farrell your question ... he was close to Sammy ... he wrote ... " I have checked every recording of Sammy Kaye that I have in my library and can't find a title that even comes close.I checked ASCAP AND BMI and they have no record of it, going back into the twenties up into the mid 50's , no record was ever made by Sammy Kaye with that title. I then checked to see if there was a song by that name within the time frame that was given .....not even a song with that title...Sorry

Re: Re: Mel Torme

The new look song. I might think Mel Torme

I heard the song in the early fifties on the radio.
Do not know who recorded it but I can recall some
phrases from the song.

"fashion decrees"
"invisible knees"

"they have to struggle through the new look"

"high necklines"
"they've had it"
"here they have taken off and there they've added"

I could think of more lines given some time.

Another Song from that period was called
" I love Roses "
cannot find that either.

Re: Re: Re: The New Look

The Duke Ellington Carnegie Hall Concert. December 27, 1947. Not a broadcast. The first tune is, "The New Look." The last tune ("Blue Skies") was actually recorded at Carnegie Hall the day before (December 26, 1946). Duke Ellington and His Orchestra, Harold Baker (trumpet), Al Killian (trumpet),
Francis Williams (trumpet), Shelton Hemphill (trumpet), Ray Nance (trumpet, violin), Lawrence Brown (trombone), Claude Jones (trombone), Tyree Glenn (trombone, vibraphone), Johnny Hodges (reeds), Harry Carney (reeds), Russell Procope (reeds), Al Sears (reeds), Jimmy Hamilton (reeds), Fred Guy (guitar), Oscar Pettiford (bass), Junior Ragland (bass), Sonny Greer (drums), Kay Davis (vocal), Al Hibbler (vocal)

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