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What happened Eddie Reed???

Does anyone know what happened with Eddie Reed and his "trouble" with the law around april 04'? I heard he was sentenced to 10 years.Anyone with any information-please respond.I havent spoken to him in about 8 years.Thanks

Re: What happened Eddie Reed???

I too would like any info. Please email me at

Re: Re: What happened Eddie Reed???

I am sad to report that Eddie was embroiled in a most serious legal matter. Such a shame that he could possibly lose his heretofore career by this charge. Such a talent, but being human like the rest of us with our own demons to contend with, he now is serving prison time. This information came to me from another most reliable musician, and I hope that the tactful facts I've stated here remain respectful to Eddie, and are being quoted accurately by myself. My sincerest apologies to Eddie and any others involved if I am stating anything untrue.