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I heard a new musician with the most amazing voice!

I was hanging out at Universal the other day (I wish. I was actually working), and I heard a new musician who had the most amazing voice! His name is Matt Dusk and he sounds a lot like Sinatra. He has sort of a Jazz/Easy Listening style and a set of vocal cords like no one else! You should here his version of ?Please, Please Me? by the Beatle! If you like that style of music, I think you?ll like Matt Dusk.

Re: I heard a new musician with the most amazing voice!

Check out Susan May from Chicago as well. She's 12 years old and I saw her on Oprah's Amazing kids show. I bought her CD entitled The Rose (Southport Records Chicago) and WOW!!

Re: Matt Dusk

Matt Dusk is the singer on Fox's "The Casino"

Re: Re: Matt Dusk

you're absolutely right, he is! i'm a huge fan of matt's... he reminds me of my beloved frank did you also know that matt used to dabble in swing music too?? i just recently found out that he was on the "kings of swing" album singing "it don't mean a thing (if it ain't got that swing)!" it's a great rendition of duke ellington's original version... here's the link if you're interested: tell me what you think!

Re: Re: Re: Matt Dusk

You all should listen to Michael Buble (pronounced boo-blay). The vocal resemblance to Ol' Blue Eyes is very striking.