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Six reasons why I donít buy CDs at the store anymoreÖ

1. easier to preview tracks online rather than drive to the store and wait for an open listening station
2. running out of storage space for all the CDs I bought just for 1 or 2 tracks each
3. I never know what the store has in stock and what they don't and it's a pain to try and find specific CDs in some of these places where their alphabetical tabs have all been moved around out of order
4. expensive ~ I pay less $ for each track online, and don't have to pay for the tracks I don't want. I'm tired of spending $15-20 bucks for a 10-12 song disc with maybe 2 or 3 tracks that I actually like.
5. It just saves time and it's so much easier. Plain and simple.
6. Car listening. Whether you're using a 1 disc player or a 10-disc CD changer in the car, you know what I mean when I say that it's far better to have compilation discs loaded in with songs you like on them. Having a car filled with CDs that you have to change over frequently is a hassle (and sometimes a hazard)

So, Iíve finally come to the point where music shopping online is preferable than to physically go to the store. Not to mention the force-fed radio setlists ~ it's better to make your own compilation CDs and listen to them in your car. I'm curious to know how many other people are following this trend now, and what service has been the best for you. I don't use the file-sharing services, primarily because they're illegal and artists get cheated out of any share. I'm talking soley about the subscription-based ones.

Re: Six reasons why I donít buy CDs at the store anymoreÖ

No thoughts on this? Well, personally I'm of the opinion that these digital music services will eventually be the primary way that most people buy music. It's makes sense since the product itself (the music) is just a wave file anyway. Why drive to the store to wait in line for the listening stations? It's not like you're ordering paper towells or HAVE to go to the store because you're out of toilet paper. I used to hate online music downloading from the illegal ones, but subscription services like Rhapsody are different because it's not like file-sharing where you have to sort through a ton of files for one song just to find the right version, or worry about viruses, or lawsuits, etc. The easiest way to explain it is I have access to most of the music libraries from all five major labels. I pay to have access to them all day every day. For that, I pay them $10 per month. If I want to burn a track to disc, then I pay 79 cents for it and that's how the artist gets paid. The best use for this has been at the office where I work. We can listen to just about anything all day and take turns being the DJ of the hour. It's great because I've discovered more new music this way than I ever did just going to the store and it ends up costing a lot less. Anyway, that's my soapbox on that. If anyone has an opinion about this either way, I'd love to hear from ya and start an actual conversation about this issue rather than sitting here talking to myself.

Re: Re: Six reasons why I donít buy CDs at the store anymoreÖ

This is the service I was referring to, BTW-->