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Positive Energy

Hello everyone! It's been quite awhile since I've posted on the forum, but I really need input from other people on the spiritual path to keep this message board going. It's much more interesting when other people are involved.

You're invited to post comments, concerns, interesting spiritual experiences, ask for prayers etc. Just try to keep the subject matter on the spiritual realm.

Here we are approaching the end of February and it seems like winter will never end. I know many of you are experiencing similar feelings regarding your situations in life. Remember that what you think, you project. What you think...creates! I know it sounds just too glib in difficult times to say "continue to think positively" but it is really very sound advice.

The more we appreciate the small things in our lives, the more we realize how blessed we truly are. The more appreciation we show, the more gratitude....the more we attract positive energy. It's a self fulfilling attracts like.

It's also necessary to take action. If you are looking for employment, do your part to pound the pavement, check the ads, send out the resumes, make the calls. Your positive action sends out positive vibrations that not only make you feel better, but also signals to the Universe that you are serious about attracting positive situations into your life.

So, gratitude coupled with action, will help you to steer a positive course! It takes work to change your thought processes, but you can do it. Start everyday with a short prayer of gratitude. Be thankful that you awoke, that you breathe....and most importantly that you were given another day, another opportunity to not only impact your own life, but the lives of others!

Share your thoughts with me and other board members!

Love & Angel Blessings,

Re: Positive Energy

Thank you Jeanette for the great advice and encouragement!!
I know I've had my days where negative thoughts can get the best of me...boy can it be difficult to always think positively. But positive always feels better than negative.
Does anyone have any suggestions about helping someone that is extremely negative to try and look at
todays world with abit of sunshine?

Have a great angel surrounded day!!

Re: Positive Energy

Hi Judy,

Thanks so much for posting!

Regarding a negative person.....sometimes there's not much you can do to alter another's perception. He or she must be the one willing to see the love, hope and joy that are with us everyday. They must enlarge their field of vision and be willing to see things in a different try and see the wide screen version of life rather than viewing it through a little peep hole.

I mentioned before that positive thought is a self-fulfilling prophecy....well, so is negativity. It's like a big dark pit that keeps getting deeper and darker, until you can't see the light anymore. People can choose light, or the dark in all things. But the major factor is.....they need to choose!!!!

Some people thrive on negativity. They get a payoff from bringing other people down. They enjoy pointing out what's wrong instead of what is right.....bad instead of good.....and once you are caught in that spinning vortex, it's very hard to extricate yourself from it.

They especially love to have people join in with agreement......"I knew I was right all along...look how many people think just like me....why it must be even worse than I thought!" The gripe party grows.

After you've exhausted all options to try to show another a new approach or way of thinking, sometimes it's in your own best interest to put some distance between yourselves. Now this can be especially difficult if you are sharing a space with a negative person and moving out or quitting your job isn't a logical choice.

If you can't leave the area and the conversation turns once again to griping and complaining about "how bad" it all is......regardless of what "it" is..........change the subject. The less interest and attention you give to the complainer, the more likely that he/she will try to find someone else who is willing to listen.

You can always use the very appropriate excuse, "I'm sorry, I can't talk now...I have a lot of work to do." People understnd the concept of "work" and this is usually effective in most situations. And then.....get busy!

We would love to hear others' suggestions on how they deal with negative people. Please post! It is so appreciated.

Angel Blessings,

Re: Positive Energy

Hello Jeanette,

I'm Judy's sister 8=). Thank you for the positive engery. I too pray each morning before I place my feet on the ground. This is my prayer:

Father, I'm excited about today. This is a day You have made; I'm giong to rejoice and be glad in it. God, I know you reward those who seek You, so I thank You in advance for Your blessings, favor, my family and friends, my health, my job, and victory in my life today!

I recently purchased Doreen Virtue's Daily Guidance from your Angels oracle cards (thanks to my wonderful, spiritual friend Jeannie). I pull a card each morning to see what my angels have to say. I love it!

Thanks Jeanette, I wish you the best of luck with this forum. GOD bless US ALL! Love, Debbie

Re: Positive Energy

Hi Debbie,
Thank you so much for the wonderful post and for sharing your personal and very uplifting prayer with all of us. It is so important to remember to be grateful for the abundance of gifts we receive each and every day.

Those are beautiful Angel cards. Before you pull one each morning, quiet yourself and ask the angels to give you a card that is exactly what you need for the day. Sometimes it won't make immediate sense, but as you reflect upon your experiences at the end of each day, you'll find that the guidance was "right on"!

Keep posting, Debbie! We love to hear from you.

Angel Blessings,

Re: Positive Energy

Hello everyone! Thanks Jeanette for replying. I do have to admit, I LOVE those cards. It's so funny if I forget later in the morning that I have not pulled a card, I jump out of my seat and get the box and pull my card. They have all made sense to me. Today's card is Fresh Air.....Spend time outside today, as near to Mother Nature's cradle as possible. Now, isn't that appropriate for Spring? You better believe I'm going to bond with the earth today!

Have a blessed Friday and weekend. Love, Debbie

Re: Positive Energy

Debbie.....I love your posts! Thank you!