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Thank You Workshop Earth Angels!

Special thanks and blessings to all of the wonderful earth angels who participated in the Angel Workshop. Wasn't the energy great? It was so high, I thought some of us might actually levitate!

I also cannot fail to mention my wonderfully gifted daughter, Jill, my co-presenter. Thanks, Jilly!

Each and everyone of you added a special energy to the workshop, that made it unique and fun. Jill and I always find it so enjoyable to help people learn to read the Angel Oracle cards and tap into their own intuitive abilities. Aren't you all amazed at what you can do?!!!!

Keep practicing and you will continue to sharpen your intuitive gifts. Remember that we are all intuitive. Trust, Believe.....It Is So!!!!

Love and AngelBlessings!

Re: Thank You Workshop Earth Angels!

Thank you Jeanette & Jill! I had a great time. ~Shannon

Re: Thank You Workshop Earth Angels!

It was a pleasure to have you be part of the workshop.

Trust your intuition and remember the angels are always with you whispering words of love and encouragement. Take the time to be still and listen.

Thanks for posting, Shannon! I appreciate your input.

Love & Angel Blessings,