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Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of Angels.
I have taken all that Angels do and how very much they care for us for granted. I appreciate knowing about the individual Angels and their purpose.
It has changed my outlook on the world around me. I have come to feel secure knowing I have Angels that are here to serve not just me but everyone.
It feels so wonderful to know that such love is around me at all time.
Thank you for taking the time to post all this wonderful information, it truly has made a difference in my life.

Re: Angels

Thank you, Kathie, for sharing. I so hope that this information is reaching people and helping them to make healing changes in their lives. Your post is validating. The angels are always with us and are eager to help us achieve our greater and higher good.

We are so blessed, but often don't take the time to realize it or be grateful for our blessings. We are loved always and unconditionally. Take a few moments today to sit in silence, to breathe, to listen, to experience ever present love. You'll be glad you did!

Love and Angel Blessings,