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Please post a story about your own angel with fur!

It would be wonderful to read some of your personal experiences about your much loved angels with fur....whether your beloved pet is still with you or has transitioned over the rainbow bridge.

My story is about our precious Devon Rex cat that we named Lambchop (Lambie), because of his curly white fur. He had peach tipped ears and tail, a bright pink nose, and vibrant deep blue eyes. If you look at my photo album, you'll see his mirror image, Noah. He was so deeply loved by both my husband and myself and the day he died was wrenching for us....especially because he was hit by a car. I felt so guilty for letting him out to play that morning. We lived on a very quiet, low traffic country lane and it was not unusual for the cats to go out. (Side note: My cats NEVER go out anymore!)

It was about a week or so after his death that I had the most wonderful and real dream about him. He jumped on the bed and climbed on my chest as he had done so many times before, kneading me, nuzzling my face and purring loudly, just as he did when alive. I could actually pet him and feel his body and soft fur. I was overwhelmed with feelings of love for this little angel. He had come to say good-bye, because you see, I never saw him after that morning he died....I searched and searched for him, then finally called the local vet on a gut feeling and yes, someone had brought him in. He died while they were working on him. The vet unemotionally said, "well, we have him in the freezer if you want to see him".....I couldn't do it.

I knew the very real dream was his good-bye to me.

The next morning, my husband said he had the most wonderful dream about Lambie....."it was so real", he said. I listened awestruck. He and I had the exact same dream, the very same night! Wow! Isn't God grand to allow such a marvelous experience?

Even though it has been more than 12 years, I still remember this dream so vividly and with so much gratitude for the closure it gave me and my husband.

Another interesting part to this story is Noah. I knew I had to have another Devon Rex just like Lambie. It was not long after the dream that I was guided to check the ads in the paper and there was one, only one, for Devon Rexes. I called and the man said he only had one kitten left, 6 months old. I told him what I was specifically looking for.....he paused and said..."that's only and exactly what I have!" Wow! What are the chances of that happening? Apparently someone else was interested and changed their mind....a couple of weeks ago! I know the angels orchestrated all of this! And they helped direct me effortlessly to Noah's location 3 hours sense of direction is not the best!

I had planned to name him Lambchop also, but thought that it didn't fit. I asked what his name should be. "Noah" came loudly into my mind and when I got home I looked up the meaning of the name in the bible......Noah means "one who brings relief". What a fitting name.

If you don't think angels talk to you and guide you, think again! They are always talking to us, but sometimes we are just so wrapped up in ourselves, we don't hear them. I'm so glad I listened!

Beautiful Noah has been with us 13 years...Lambchop was with us for 5 years. He is still dear to our hearts!

Please share your stories. We love to read them!

Love, Light, Angel Blessings!

Re: Please post a story about your own angel with fur!

I'm new to your site and just happened to read this first, because I love animals very much. Your story make me cry, but it made me think about how we can lose someone special, a person or a pet, in an instant. This story is much deeper and has touched me more than I thought it would. Thank you for your site and for story. I have a story about my pet, but right now, I just can't see through my tears, so I'll do it another time. Your kitty must have been one special cat. I know all of mine are to me.

An animal lover and believer in angels!