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Reiki Experience

I would like to share this Reiki experience with you. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, meaning I have gone through several levels of training and attunements enabling me to teach Reiki and pass attunements to others.

A few years ago, I was doing a healing session on a young woman, with Reiki being part of the process. Many times it becomes a very mystical experience as the practitioner is often given information previously unknown. As I was being present for my client, I happened to gaze up at the ceiling of my healing room, and clearly visible was a silhouette of a woman cradling a baby in her arms.

I am not only an intuitive, but also a very logical person. I looked away, looked up again...still there....looked to observe the lighting in the room for being responsible for the image.....nope.....not the lighting, not the candle flame, not the window.

I asked my client to look up at the ceiling...this image was directly above where she was positioned on the table....and she started to softly cry. She related that she had suffered several miscarriages and was just thinking about one particular pregnancy that was carried for 6 months and then miscarried. She was wondering about the baby, what happened to it, where was it now......

As we both were taken in by this truly blessed moment, she said she felt she was given a gift. Seeing the baby cradled in protective arms gave her knowledge and peace that the unborn were all safe and ok. It was truly a holy and mystical moment and I felt as if time had actually stopped. As we both continued to take in the image, it slowly faded from the ceiling and we were both in a state of awe!

It was quite an experience and I treasure it. I am so grateful that God allowed this wonderful healing image to come through for this young woman.

My client left after the session being very at peace with her life and her experiences. And I was forever changed by it and regard it as a special heaven sent gift!

Love & Angel Blessings