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Angel Message orginally given on the air June 2, 2008

This message was delivered on June 2,2008 during one of my guest sessions on the Kelly MacLeod a.m. Mon-Fri.
I thought I might start posting them here also.

The punctuation is mine to make the message easier to read and fits with the pauses I get while receiving the message, but the words and/or meaning have not been altered. This is one of the longer messages I have received:

"Why do you continue to search for what is already around you and in you? You look and look for love yet do not love yourself or your neighbor. Do you not know that all love begins with you and within you? We have told you before that peace is to begin with you and your family if you want to see peace in the world, and this is also with love. To know love you must give love without desiring reciprocation, acknowledgement or status.....those are things of the earth....not qualities of Spirit.

Love is all around your physical eyes and heart! For you are not the center of the universe. Only our Creator takes that position, emanating pure and unconditional love for you, for all.

Recognize that this love is given freely. Will you not accept this gift? Do you think yourselves unworthy or do you disbelieve that love exists in your world?

Look in front of you and see love. See the mother caring for her child and watch her joy as that child grows and advances. See the new husband with love so protecting and fresh that he would give his life for his bride. See the caregivers as they lovingly tend to their elderly parents. See the gardener tilling the soil, clearing the weeds, planting the seedlings...all of Love has many forms if you but choose to see them. Love is simple and uncomplicated without expectations or conditions attached.

You are not loved because of who you are. You are loved because you ARE! You are worthy of God's love, our love, human love. Know this truth and believe!

We leave you now with love......the angels."