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Angel Message for Today....June 29, 2008

"Many of you worry so much about finding out what your purpose in life is. You seek and search, asking this one and that one, reading books, attending classes, and yet you still do not know what your life purpose is. Stop searching. Stop seeking. Determine to serve! That is the purpose. What brings joy to your heart and soul more than helping another? Choose to remove the focus from "self". Reach out and bring joy to others and through this process bring joy and completion to yourself. Life need not be so make it so through fear and worry. Release your burdens, free yourselves. Place God first in your lives, ask for our help, see a need to be filled and do so graciously, generously and without seeking return and you shall find your purpose in life. We leave you in love....the angels."

Re: Angel Message for Today....June 29, 2008

Hi Jeanette,

What a great message today. I am one of those many people that wonder what my purpose is. I know better, but still feel inadequate sometimes because I didn't have a dream to follow and something specific to contribute to the world. I know it's wierd, but it is that human ego of ours.

Also, I posted a message yesterday, however I don't see it on the message board. Somehow it didn't go through, but I wanted to "Thank You: for this great web site. It will be helpful to many, as it is so easy to get caught up in the nonsense of life. we need inspiration and reminders to slow down, listen and connect with our source. This will be appreciated by many.


Re: Angel Message for Today....June 29, 2008

Joanne, thank you so much for posting a comment. I always wonder if there is a great holding place out in cyberspace that contains zillions of wayward e-mails and documents. I've had things disappear for me's always a mystery. LOL!

Yes, our egos love to poke and prod us, constantly throwing in fear, unworthiness, self-doubt, and lack of confidence, just for starters. If you take some quiet time to reflect on all the good you have done for others, your personal contributions to a public or private cause, or just remembering the fact that you took the time to stop and talk to someone who was lonely or needed an ARE being of service and fulfilling your purpose.

Not all of us will scale the heights of personal sacrifice such as Mother Teresa did. Face it. It's not a judgment, it's a fact. Everyone is unique and has different skills, passions, talents, personalities and tolerance levels. Few people are designed for the type of self-less commitment that Mother Teresa chose. But, we can still serve within the parameters of our lives and communities. And these boundaries tend to change, as our understanding of life purpose enlarges and changes also.

It is ok to wonder and question, because with that comes one thought process that leads to another and another, that leads to great ideas and inspiration that guide you upon your journey of service and ultimately brings you back to Spirit! Wow! That's a long sentence, but I am certain you understand.

Take time to check in with Spirit everyday, for just a few moments. And listen, really listen to what is being said to you. When we come to a place of stillness and ask for Divine Guidance, it truly is given to us. Simple steps: quiet yourself; ask; listen; express gratitude; follow through on the guidance. You'll be surprised how easy it can be!

Also, remember that you are a child of God. God and the angels desire goodness and joy for you in your life. We all have the extraordinary gift of Free Will that allows us to choose. Ask yourself everyday: "What do I choose for myself today, love or fear; peace and joy or fear?" Choose love. Choose joy. Choose peace. Choose kindness. Apply all to self and others.......experience contentment.!

Love & Angel Blessings,