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Angel Message For Today..June 8, 2008

"Do not forget that you are always loved unconditionally by God. We are sent as messengers to protect and guide you, responding to God's Holy Will. You must call upon us for help as we will not interfere with your free will. We can only intervene in times of danger when it is not time for you to exit this life plane. Ask,,Ask,,,we will be dispatched in an instant! Remember to give glory and thanks to God, our Source and Creator, for without God nothing is possible."

Re: Angel Message For Today..June 8, 2008

Thank you for sharing this Angel message. It reminds me that we serve a loving God who cares so much for us. I am grateful that there are people like you who bring such encouragement.

Re: Angel Message For Today..June 8, 2008

Thank you Jeanette for working so hard on a beautiful and appreciated site.
I know angels are around all of us all the time and they are here to help.....sometimes we just have to remember to ask them for guideance!!
When I get down, it's difficult to feel positive, but when I break thru the down times and ask the angels for help, they have always been there for me and they do make me feel better!!

Thank you Jeanette and Angels!! I'm glad you are ALL here!!

Re: Angel Message For Today..June 8, 2008

Kathie & Judy,
Thank you so much for your posts and for acknowledging the presence of God and the angels in your lives. Sharing this information encourages other people to be open to the workings of Spirit in their lives as well.

Love and Blessings.