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I would like to share an experience I had with an Angel.
I lost my Dad in July of 2002.
My Dad and I were very close but due to a family situation, I had not seen my Dad for sometime before he died. This made it very hard for me to work through his passing.
During the Christmas season of that year and I found myself missing my Dad so much. I could not help but feel empty, alone and in despair over not getting to say good bye to him. Oh, how I longed to just see him one last time. I wanted to know if he was at peace and understood why I could not be there for him at the end.
It was at this time that my husband and I were at the mall Christmas shopping. We were walking through a store, when walking straight towards me was my Dad. My husband looked at me as I was looking at my Dad. He was as stunned as I was. My dad was not an ordinary fella, not by any means, not in appearance of character.
My husband was a stunned as I was I. He was looking at me to check my reaction. I was awestruck. Not only was it my Dad, dressed in all the things I remembered best about him, but as he came along side of me, he stopped and spoke. He said, “What ya doin? Spending all your money?” I was dumb struck, for that was one of my Dad’s common questions to me whenever he saw me with shopping bags in my hands. I started to cry as he moved on. My husband and I just stood there, staring at each other, speechless. We quickly turned so we could get another look at him, but he was gone.
I do not think we spoke for a quite a while afterward. When we did we just could not find the words to explain what we had just experienced. As we drove home I cried tears of joy, as I knew all was good with my Dad and thanked God for the Angel he sent my way.

I would like to know if anyone has any insight into my experience, or anything to share regarding my post.

Re: Angels

Kathie, thank you for sharing that beautiful and touching story with us! I have no doubt that you were indeed "touched by an angel"! Isn't it interesting how sometimes in our saddest hours we can receive the greatest and most unexpected gift? What a wonderful experience anytime, but especially during the Christmas season! I am certain that you treasure that gift above all others you may have ever received.

What a wonderful validation that your Dad, either by his own spirit or by angelic means, reached out to you and reassured you of his and God's unconditional love. We are never alone, never abandoned.

As our physical presence fades from the earth, love does not. It is always eternal!

God bless you Kathie!

Re: Angels

Thank you for your thoughtful and heartfelt response.
I have a few comments on what you shared.
When I read what you stated regarding the gift I received, "receiving such a wonderful gift during my darkest hour." I have to say, I never thought of the event in those terms. That statement helps me to understand why sometimes we need to be in the valley. I am now OK with being in such a sad place. I never would of appreciated or maybe even recognized my gift the way I did that day had I not been in such a valley.
I also loved your closing line, " our physical presence fades from the earth, love does not, it is always eternal." That tells me that there will always be a bond with the ones who are no longer physically here. What a secure and loving feeling.
Now a question, I always thought of the event as a meeting with an Angel. You mention that it could of been an Angel or my Dad's own Spirit. Can you please expound on that.
Thank You,

Re: Angels

Kathie, sometimes our deceased loved ones are able to actually be seen by others, if only for a few precious moments. Sometimes it can be an angel taking on a physical and familiar form and acting as the messenger....for truly that's what angels are...messengers from God.

How the energy of a deceased loved one actually manifests, I do not know. It all has to do with energetic vibration,the right place,the right time and what God allows. It looks like everything was in perfect alignment for you at that time.

Often when we are experiencing intense emotions, we are more able to perceive things that otherwise might go unnoticed. Our antenna and radar are "up"!

Recently, I have been hearing much more about the "veil" between the earth plane and the spirit world to be thinning. It has been explained that soon it will be commonplace to check in with Mom or Dad that have passed over, as easily as if they lived down the street! Now that's something to be excited about! How soon this will happen, I don't know, but I do know that more and more people are becoming increasingly spiritually aware and having experiences similar to yours.

I do believe that many people are reluctant to share their stories because of possible ridicule. Let me assure potential posters, you will be treated with respect on this board, so please share your spiritual stories with all of us.

Kathie, regarding your particular experience, I believe that your strong desire to connect with your Dad was heard by all of heaven and it was arranged for you to have that very special meeting, to provide you with comfort. Don't try to figure it out or over analyze. God works in great and mysterious ways and you were presented with an extraordinary gift direct from Heaven!

Re: Angels

Wow Kathie! That is such a cool story! So your husband saw him too? Just as you did? That is really something special! How awesome for the Universe/ God to hear your plea and show you just what you needed. You were in a different place emotionally when your dad appeared to you. You weren't so sad and depressed, you probably were feeling the joy of the spirit at Christmas time. You were relaxed and not trying to see or feel anything or anyone. It just happened. The more we relax, the more we can and will experience. It always is amazing to me, how this works. As much as I know it to be true, actually doing it, in other words, releasing and letting go can be challenging in our busy lives. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own emotions and how we "think" we should feel, that we might miss out on such special moments as your experience.

Thanks for sharing your story with everyone. It is an inspiration to those who want to believe, but they aren't really sure if they are real or not. Angels are all around us!!