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Have you ever had an angelic experience?

I would love to hear from anyone who has had an angel encounter or experience. Please relate the details and how it affected your life.

Re: Have you ever had an angelic experience?

After reading the book ANGELSPEAKE, I talk to and get responses from my angels all the time. It really is a neat experience.

Re: Have you ever had an angelic experience?

Thank you Gail, for responding. Have the angels ever forewarned you of danger? Who is the author of the book, Angelspeak?

Re: Have you ever had an angelic experience?

This was something I personally observed. A senior priest in our parish would often celebrate the Mass we were attending, and stand at a separate podium to deliver the homily. He was with us, maybe one year.

Towards the last quarter of that year, I started to see something behind him as he gave the homily.....he moved out of the very bright area of the sanctuary to a more naturally lit section to do this. I always sat in the same section, right in line with him. So nothing had changed in that way for me.

Sunday, by Sunday, I kept seeing these forms behind him, becoming more visible and with shape. Then one Sunday it finally completely appeared.........WINGS! Huge ANGEL WINGS, right behind his back! They looked like they were directly attached to him. I pointed them out to my husband, but he couldn't see them. No matter which way I looked or turned my head, or shut and reopened my eyes, they were still visible! I was not in the least bit shocked. I was filled with joy!!!! To see something so very beautiful and spiritual, giving evidence of the angelic love and protection around this servant of God!

Perhaps it was a foreshadowing, because he died the following week. I know the angels were there with him every step of the way, holding his hand as he took his last breath and then leading him back to his real and eternal home!

I feel so blessed to have been part of that experience. And yes, he was a very good priest and man, in every way. He is missed.