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Wedding pianist with piano

We are getting married in West yorkshire in April next year. Our reception is in a marquee. We'd really love to have a pianist playing a 'proper' piano during the drinks receptiona dn during the meal . We were wondering if you knew of an artist that can bring their own piano? Is this at all possible or do artist's use a keyboard now?

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Re: Wedding pianist with piano

I don't know of any pianist who will take a proper piano around to a venue. The new digital pianos are so good that most of the pianists, I know, use them instead. If your not convinced about electronic pianos then try downloding the MP3s from my website at - all of the songs on my web site were recorded on a digital piano. The other alternative is to hire a piano and then hire a pianist to play it. A small grand will cost around £500 to hire while an upright piano can be hired for around £300.

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Re: Wedding pianist with piano

The moment the crew happens, you will need to examine the important points with the transport with them. They're experienced with tasks like this and they may suggest carrying the instrument in the vast wooden box.