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Sell all your misc. books, videos, DVDs, compuer programs. Easier than a garage sale!
Post your workshops or classes for homeschoolers here. Support Group and Co-op schedules too.
Sell or trade your curricula, books and lessons
Fill us in on places to go, people to see and things to do.
General merchandise. Doesn't fit another catagory? Put it here!
Want help? Want a job? Have a work offer to... offer?
Do you own a business or run an organization that caters to the homeschooling community? Want to reach Hoosier Homeschoolers? Advertise here!
Big ticket items for sale. For Homeschoolers on the MOVE!
Enter special services available to Indiana homeschoolers here.
Looking for a special teacher or tutor? Let them know what you're looking for.
Support group news, notices, calendar dates, etc. Remember to note county in message.
Have something to teach homeschoolers? Post it here!

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